Thank Contributors

Be creative when acknowledging your contributors. If they feel appreciated, they will continue to sponsor you year after year. The following are some ideas for thanking and recognizing sponsors:

  • Buy a movement clip or bracelet for your top fund raisers or notable contributors.
  • Use your participation center to journal your experience and thank contributors.
  • Send a thank you letter after the event, provide details of your adventure and include photos.
  • Make your sponsor an honorary team member or participant. Give your sponsor a team T-shirt if that person makes a large donation. Invite sponsors to team parties.
  • Print your sponsor's name and/or company logo in your thank you newsletter.
  • Print your sponsor's logo on your team t-shirt or individual rider's shirt or jersey.
  • Host a festive dinner party for your top contributors.
  • Hang a sign or send an e-mail at work that thanks all of your co-workers who made a donation. Better yet, offer refreshments to thank co-workers.
  • Keep sponsors informed of your fundraising total and let them know how that dollar amount will impact the lives of people with multiple sclerosis.
  • Send a holiday card to your sponsors reminding them that you plan on doing the event next year.